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!!!!!!! major update - gold/mining expert opinions

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    At long last, HIG have detailed the world as they know it (refer to announcement on Friday).

    On the positive side, total gold ounces over 1 million at Kainantu, although initial production schedule is for slightly less than half. Landholder issues also (appear?) to be under control. Hopefully also a positive move that Management have gone for a lower risk production process.

    On the negative side, management are continuing to demonstrate the ability to progress the mine at a snail's pace...and obviously costs will be higher than expected (more debt or more shares to be issued??)

    What are the expert's views on the technical side of this operation.

    If you throw in major exploration upside for Kainantu, plus Frieda (copper/gold with Noranda) and Ramu (nickel), seems to me that HIG continues to look seriously undervalued, even allowing for PNG risk.

    Comments of others appreciated.

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