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major profit

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    New IMH announcement, shows about $11m revenue for IMH in China.

    Not bad for a $14m Market Cap company.

    A joint venture company will be formed to commercialise Phoslock in China. It will be known as Yunnan Environmental Technology Company China Limited (“YETCC”). Ownership of YETCC will be as follows: IMT 20% ...

    2003-01-30 ASX-SIGNAL-G
    (a) LAKES
    The Phoslock treatment will generate revenue of 0.8 RMB per sqm for
    large water bodies such as Lakes Luzai and Dianchi. Smaller water
    bodies will be calculated case by case. Revenue for the larger lakes
    is estimated as follows:
    * Lake Luzai RMB 24,000,000 (A$5.2 million)
    * Lake Dianchi RMB 240,000,000 (A$ 52.1 million)

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