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Major investor buying...

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    Well we now find out who has been accumulating at these levels….

    Google this guy and have a look at his previous corporate activity, a good example of this is :

    A quick look through resolutions 20 and 21 of the upcoming EGM (notice of meeting was released 7th January) shows that the Harbour Foundation has US$360,592 (approx A$460k at AUD/USD $0.78) of convertible loans in MIZ and Seager Rex Harbour another A$200,000. These funds look as though they were part of the most recent capital raising and partly to help complete the acquisition of San Santiago.

    So all the continued speculation about who owns all the convertibles and the fact that they will convert and sell it well this guy has approximately A$660,000 worth of convertibles and he’s a BUYER on market. Not to mention the fact that that this notice relates to him directly, in my experience I would have thought that a guy like this would have had other parties that are “close” buy in also.

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