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major gas interval

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    datz 49;
    Read one of your posts on another site
    refering to baker creek's " MAJOR gas INTERVAL;
    and you've wander why bother testing the rest of gas shows since this is only .2mmcf.
    Is "MAJOR gas INTERVAL", being interpreted correctly;
    Does it mean;

    1.MAJOR GAS(lots of gas ,heaps) interval
    2. MAJOR INTERVAL( on drilling the well we past through a MAJOR INTERVAL of 38ft of gas, called baker creek ). all other intervals were smaller, eg;13ft ,23ft ,16ft.?
    I think mostly at first it's been interpreted as MAJOR GAS ?.
    I hold ,not following the herd .
    managment have said ,frac and testing from bottom up see what next INTERVAL holds major or minor?
    so lets see if we get some MAJOR GAS out of the next interval which was a minor interval of 16ft.

    datz it from me i'm .
    cameo .
    p.s. I'll stay tuned.
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