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Magnetic Eye Wand Aces First Rigorous Test

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    Does the thread title sound like I'm promoting the product?  So be it.  I consider this to be huge.   After 4 months, we are finally seeing what I think is the first serious effort to evaluate the eye care kit and particularly to look at the enhancement offered by the wand versus the cream alone.   After all, marketing can only carry OBJ enhanced products so far;  Their longevity depends on how much the technology improves the product, as perceived by the customer on an ongoing basis, and as reported in media.

    So here we have a pretty thorough review by PCLady,  a Chinese site dedicated to women's interests.  They are the 42nd most visited website in China and the 359th most visited in the world.  Here is what they say about their product testing program :

    PCLADY always adhere to the scientific, fair, authoritative evaluation principles for the majority of female users are most concerned about beauty products for professional evaluation.

    They tested the eye care kit in the following areas :
    • Exterior texture
    • permeability
    • real trial
    • cell activity
    • antioxidant
    • skin moisturizing
    • skin improvement
    And here are the results :

    And look particularly at this :

    The left eye (on your left), was treated with the cream+wand,  the right eye was just the cream.  The top image was before treatment, and the bottom image was after 1 weeks use.  The article reports :
    Do take a look at the links below to the full article.  You might want to look at the first link as well (not translated), because that's the only place to see the video of the wand test on the vial of liquid.  You have seen that a hundred times right?  Well this is the "extended version" with the 10 second flying OBJ logo intro.   Thank you PCLady!

    original article : http://beauty.pclady.com.cn/126/1268025.html
    translation : https://translate.google.com/transl...=http://beauty.pclady.com.cn/126/1268025.html
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