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    Not negative, but are having trouble (the geo's)coming to grips with the idea that a pilot plant is not going up.

    I'm sure the Dow process has much going for it, but it's that last bit of uncertainty that needs to be removed in order for lenders to have comfortespecially in todays climate.

    After all, there is a quantum leap between sea-water and magnesite.

    Another factor is the cost. Let's assume that sea water technology is easily transferable, but the costs to remove the impurities associated with magnesite as opposed to sea water really have to be spelt out.

    Having said all that I really hope that MIL gets up. I might regain my losses I incurred with the Crest mob.

    If I see a solid upward trend I will buy. That is if I can get away from the "other place", to which I have become very accustomed.

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