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    It's good to have someone with your hands on experience of the Pilbara area on this forum.If you would be kind enough to express your thoughts on FDL's E47-882(AREA E and slight extention thereof),which is an extension of the Serenity ore body of FMG.Ref to FDL broker presentation of December 07 Page 7(this contain topography and drill results from FMG Serenity in detail and combined with Page 10 would give a fair indication of the immediate area.And for an arial view Google Earth LAT22-11 40.83S LONG 117-29 56.56E.Then combine that with the FDL's Quarterly Report to Dec 31 (Page 3,General Geomorphology).My reason for investigating Area E is obvious and my thought are that Area E alone with it's valley formations and cliff faces,has probably up to half the inferred resouce of the entire tenement not just 63mt of CID.
    PS If I knew how to post this info I would
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