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    I believe it was Mae West who said

    "A good man is hard to find but a hard man is good to find"

    I suggest that Mae would be very happy here on Hotcopper as there seem to be at least four "HardMan Heavens" in the private forums.

    All this is my rather long winded way of getting to my suggestion that there needs to be some ability to delete member forums created in error or no longer required. Even by email request by the "owner" would do, I guess.

    A further suggestion, and I think that this one is brilliant - even if I do say so myself, is for any member forums selected as "Favorites" to be included in Latest Posts. It would save a lot of jumping around just to see if the member forums that you are interested in have had any activity.

    As far as I am concerned, with this change I would consider HC to be nigh on perfect and would give permission for Pat to buy the code monkeys a Pepsi for Christmas.

    (P.S. lest you become offended, I am an aging "code monkey" myself. I still remember Cobol and a little assembler but have never used a pocket protector - which probably explains why I am not as rich as Bill Gates.)

    One more thing while I'm rabbiting on. Is there any chance that the ability to use (even limited) HTML in posts on Ozestock will be re-introduced?. I find that not being able to emphasize points with color or to provide live links is restricting my "artistic" abilities - such as they be.

    That's all.

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