made a ripper script today

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    just made a new script for #trade, it hacks asx site for dividend & volatility data on command.


    returns: CBA - ex-div 68c on 18-Feb-03

    $divs tomorrow
    returns: no matches

    $divs may
    ANZ - ex-div 39c on 16-May-03
    CSR - ex-div 13c on 30-May-03
    NEM - ex-div 0.3c on 30-May-03
    SRP - ex-div 11c on 21-May-03
    WSF - ex-div 8c on 7-May-03
    no more matches

    returns: TLS volatility = 15.5%

    ERG volatility = 61%
    LHG volatility = 50%
    NCM volatility = 45%
    NC1 volatility = 41%
    NCP volatility = 41.5%
    OSH volatility = 62%

    just another useful tool in #trade
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