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mad to sell unless you have to

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    Hi all,

    I have been reading a plethora of very frustrated and angry posts this morning and I think that every one of them are spot on. Not knowing or wishing to know the personal positions of posters, I strongly believe that anyone who does not need to sell atm and does may regret that decision.So many investors can make decisions that are clouded by waves of emotions that are often realised in the fullness of time as being "not on the money".

    This company imho has stunning potential so it is worth putting aside all the anger and frustration for just a minute (and then you can all get back to it!) to consider that all small companies that are about to take on growth go through some form of restructuring and certainly in a perceptional sense, uncertainty. During such a period, it is easy to feel like you are in the dark in respect of process knowledge. This of course is not assisted by the lack of information flow from the company that so many on this forum have highlighted but it does and should send a clear message to Directors Hallam, King and Paice that it is not a good policy to leave any shareholder group in the dark for too long.

    The half yearly finacials and operations update will be out today so it may be worth holding the flow of venom until everyone has had a bit of time to digest its content. Hopefully, it will explain the way forward, the subject of which has been the focus of dicontent on this forum for most of the day thus far.


    I wi
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