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    Try a google search "ucg golder" (Golder's being consultants and occasional unrelated competitors of mine who have worked on the process) and you will find some good links ... one being to Linc Energy (LNC) who are into similar coalification, but with coal to liquids.

    The main difference I can see with PCE is that they are looking to produce methane to produce electricity from small (say 40MW) power plants ... they propose use of their Vanadium Redox Batteries to store the generated electricity for peak load (higher sale price) distribution to the electricity grid ... the batteries apparently suit this application and are supposedly good for 10,000 deep charge/discharge cycles.

    My initial thoughts are that insitu coalification to make methane or liquids like low sulphur diesel etc from otherwise uneconomic coal seams makes plain good sense ... Linc's studies showed promising efficiencies I think ... as this is pretty new to PCE I will have a look into Cougar, their recent UCG acquisition.

    I am sure its a long shot. But I feel the energy sector is a pretty safe mid to long term investment and my preferences are a little lateral eg coal bed methane as you are no doubt aware lol. I think its worthwhile keeping an eye on the alternative energy sector.

    Let me know if and when you've had time to ferret around.


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Currently unlisted public company.

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