Machiavellan's in full flight

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    Labor now rubbing their hands - having done all they can up to now in stalling, blocking, destablising, the valiant efforts of the Abbott Government to get legislations through the Senate throughout last year - and who stalled all of them (sitting back in his office, allegedly pulling the strings - one Bill Shorten. NOT doing anything to help Australia's best interests along, just setting out, allegedly, to destroy, block, and sabotage any hope of Australia's recovery - after the huge "run it all up on the never never" debacles of Rudd and Gillard Governments, and their hugely incompetent, and reckless Ministers - Swan promising years of surplus - which were all hot air. Non-achievable.

    Add to this, "Twistville" - this hopeless, clueless, self indulgent and totally self absorbed, arrogant and (in one case) foul mouthed inept handful of Senators - there for six years of luxury, via a handful of votes - doing Shorten's work for him, allegedly - in some instances unwittingly, stopping, blocking middle fingers up at all of us - forever blocking and sneering. Drunk with new found power. Political bullies the lot of them.

    Now the new Victorian Government wriggle, deviate, allegedly lie, and are doing their all - to totally de-stablise Victoria's best interests - roads and finance wise - all to assist this new Premier, Dan Andrews, allegedly, in his alleged efforts to help contribute to and assist this alleged vile push by Shorten to try and sabotage and oust his rival, Abbott. Andrews would rather fork our around 1.2 billion just to bring down Abbott - advance the Shorten/Labor cause - Andrews came to, and won, allegedly, the recent State election in Victoria by actually lying about his intent - and his knowledge of the rock-solid legal watertightness of this proposed East West tunnel extension must have been zilch. All that he promised re. this project - is now in tatters. Yet not ONE moan from the Left. Andrews is Far Left - is not to be seen or heard from today - just letting this dynamiting of this East West contrac be done by others he's allegedly hiding behind. (Perhaps his wife can sort it out?)

    Andrews, I put it to everyone - doesn't give a hoot about Victoria - or Victorians. He proved this t me and many when he was past eath Minister in the Brumby Government. Details of my dislike of this man have been alleged and outlined by me before.

    Who IS running this country. The rightly elected Federal Government, led by Tony Abbott - or the almost totally leftist media - or the Unions (such as Adnews mates - the CMFEU) - or is it "Get Up"? I allege there is deliberate subversion - and dangerous hidden and vicious undermining of our electoral and governance systems going on here.

    Note well - who is lurking in the background of al this manufactured "uproar" - why, one Bill Shorten. Seems he (and his mate Andrews) have gone to grorund - the tactic being - let's not be seen or heard - say and do nothing - and this will unravel - and we'll win. Yes, Shorten - conspicuous by his absence. And Andrews - not to be seen, or heard today. We Victorians are just being told he's willing to pay around 1.2 billion in compo to the official (and legally bound) Contractors who were going to build this much needed road complex. Which a pre-election poll told us was wanted - by around 63% of the victorian population! One of Andrews Minister is saying pid headedly, defiantly, this morning they will stop this road build - never build it - will just forego (pay back to contractors) the 1.2 billion $ compo for stopping the project -(wasted!) - yet at the same time admits he hasn't studied the full legal position re. the contract - said to be legally totally watertight! And they call that "good governance?"

    They went leaving their de-sal plant super debt to our grandchildren - the Myki debacle - the North South pipeline (millions lost - a stuoid and futile concept - agauin, based on Tim Flannery engendered panic, allegedly - as was this rusting de-sal plant - I won't go on.

    Yes, history repeats itself - Labor comes in - and not too long before chaoes and financial disasters again loom. Then the Liberals have to clean it all up. For which THEY get lambasted and condemned. The miscreants, meanwhile, sit back in their Canberra plus offices and look totally smug and beatific - "we didn't do it" they smirk - and worse, the people start to believe they didn't.

    And so, good men go down. Labor - you are utterly despicable. Pity Aussies can't see it.

    Shorten, where are you? Waiting for the leadership of this country to fall into your lap - like manna from heaven? If you sit, (NOT, allegedly, meanwhile, being an Opposition Leader's bootlace) - just watching, directing, orchestrating this chaos (all allegedly) you end up getting the covetted CROWN?
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