MA 50 flatlining on lows with seasonal potential, page-7

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    NCP in my view , has ben oversold and will make its way back up. Resistance at $12 and $14 which may take a while to get through. NCP's share price will be directed by the overall US market direction in the short term (6 mths). It is on my list along with CSL AMP and BIL. I believe these stocks will go up fast when the market trend reverses (which we may be seeing the start of last week). These companies have been oversold in my view. CSL may still go down further but its share price has gone lower than its earnings forecast losses - due to current market sentiment any bad news will cause many companies to be oversold - i believe CSL to be one of these and it may be close to the bottom.
    I dont own CSL but I will be watching them for signs of an uptrend to buy in.
    I dont hold NCP but i will be buying shares in them this week.
    I hold BIL warrants (CALLS) - BIL are subject to the FTSE market. If it, like the US, has bottomed , BIL will rise - their new aquisition in the UK will help.
    All this is dependent on the world markets having seen the worst which remains to be seen - the DOW holding about 9200 would give positive signs.
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