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M-Payment International Projection

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    MBE's international payment grew from $70k (dec month) to $100k (Jan month), a 43% improvement. Revenue for the month of January 2015 is actually double that of Novemeber, a fantastic achievement. A clear indication that oversea investment and operations are forming a nice and substantial revenue source.

    If the revenue line stays constant (which i don't think it will) at $100k/month, annualised revenue will be $1.2m.

    However, if MBE can generate compound revenue growth of 20-30% per month for the rest of the year 2015, the potential annualised revenue after December 2015 can be as high as $21.5m from its international payment division, just check the projection table below for some fancy numbers:
    MBE international.png

    I made 2 assumption above:

    - 20% growth rate (compounded monthly): revenue increases from $100k in Jan to $743k by Dec 15, annualised = $8.9 million.
    - 30% growth rate (compounded monthly): revenue increases to $1.8m by dec 15, annualised = $21.5m.

    What is the chance that MBE can achieve any where between $8.9m to $21.5m (annual revenue) from its international unit going forward (after 2015)? A pretty good chance i would think.

    Plus the margin for M-payment would be around plus 50%, a pretty good business to be in for MBE.
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