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m and a in the juniors

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    there MUST be talk of consolidation amongst the juniors. anyone agree? im convinced they are gonna HAVE to consolidate to survive.

    Alone these guys are interesting but if the right few join up they really will be irresistable to foreign buyers.
    Now im biased on a couple I own so each will have their own preference if they were to speculate but...

    For me (and ive said this before) if AGO and UMC joined you've got a realistic miner with some legs. I'm not a big BRM fan, have traded it but thats it (with varied success i should add), but it does have 100m in the kit. Don't think its project is a go'er though (IMO only) so hard to make a case for getting them involved LT. CFE - i think the management are making themsevles rich - good luck to them- but they do have cash but same story.

    even a project like AXO at current prices my be worth a stab

    surely this is going on in the background.
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