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    Some real information for you to digest. There are 17 elements in the suite known as rare earths "this name is a missnomer in itself" At any one time there may be an over supply of some of these, but at the same time there is generally a shortage of others. For instance Lanthanum is going to be very hot over the next couple of years as is Cerium. China has the capacity to refine rare earths but is slowly declining in the production of the raw materials. It can boost this but only at an economic unsustainable level or at a very high enviormental cost. It is currently trying to source material outside of China to feed its refineries. This has led to LYC attempting to develop Mout Weld. This project no matter what is said is not that robust. In the short term I believe it will go ahead, but it is my belief it is doomed to failure in the medium term. There is another source of high grade rare earths in the N.T. which is being advanced, this deposit as it stands will be producing approx 20,000 tonnes of REO per annum at virtually no cost as a bi-product of NPK production. There will be further falls in the price of REO and LYC will not survive. Check your information very carefully before getting on the wrong horse in the right race.
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