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    Fellow Lumlosers…… if there are awards for the best “scoop of the year” it has to be this one!!!!

    A colleague of a friend of mine was in a queue for a penicillin shot. He told me he was standing behind a very “interesting Australian”…. No surprises for guessing….. Sucka, our CEO of Lumacom!!!

    Some very interesting facts!!

    Sucka started talking about talking up Lumacom business in Europe with Mega people. Currently they believe they can milk millions from uninformed punters who buy shares in a company without understanding the fundamentals. He was talking about creating a few User names on some chat sites and just ramping the company!!!

    He also said that Sucka was saying that in less than 1 year since the ASX questioned whether they could continue as a going concern (with only $12,000 in customer receipts for the year) they had tripled the share price without actually delivering anything. This is bigger than the 1 Luma sign they managed to get in Western Australia during the Australian Olympics!

    It appears that my scepticism was pretty accurate.

    He also said that Sucka was bitching about the fact that all the big investors wanted to see Cash flow and profit so wouldn’t invest. He went on to say that he had talked up plenty of deals over the years some suckers believed that they would ALL occur. .

    I don’t know how you other Lumosers read this but I see that comment as very positive. This is the biggest ramping since the unprofitable signs in Times Square (but never really happened). I guess we all want to see signs go up here, there and everywhere, but I guess that when an advertiser is going to spend millions on advertising, he doesn’t do it on a whim. So, I guess what’s being said that the deals ARE big and will just take time. Was it the Greeks that said …. “When admin costs are 820,000 and revenue is $460,000 how could you expect to make a profit”???

    The conclusion was people who believe unsubstantiated rubbish about companies with poor track records don’t deserve to have the money.

    So, fellow Lumettes….do I get the “scoop of the year” prize??? Datsun 120Y? ….. I think I’ve beaten you with the “pathetic rumours”. Who cares, because bollock rumours deserve to be trashed!!!


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