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    Been thinking today about LUM’s present situation ….. For what it’s worth, here’s my theory (pure speculation)…:

    LUM & JV partners are possibly delaying the pursuit of advertisers and the finalizing of deals at other sites until at least one side of 4TS is signed & sealed.
    · 4TS being tagged as the #1 advertising site in the world will have a $$contract$$ to match and will be the best and highest benchmark for formulating contracts elsewhere in the world. The first deal(s) is therefore the most important
    · If other deals are signed off before 4TS it could end up having a detrimental effect on the final figure achieved on the 4TS deal….. LUM/Totius are better off taking their time if it means they are able to achieve a better result in the end. Every dollar of the final figure achieved for 4TS will increase the benchmark and have a multiplying effect all the way down the line to all contracts signed off thereafter.
    · Moscow sign although it is an outright sale to PEPSI may also be delayed in this regard ( I assume only a deposit has been paid, balance to be paid when it is all lit up), to avoid the disclosure of dollar figures. My guess is that this will go up sometime soon after April 1st……..Therefore we can probably expect the revenue shown in the next quarterly to be a bit on the dismal side….?
    · LUM are not concerned about the current SP as they are confident of the future of their company. They know what they are doing and the SP will reflect this in the very near future. Mr Sala has asked shareholders to be patient….I believe he means what he says.

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