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    G'day. On Jan 24 I posted on StockPicks:
    "update - still a slim chance lumies could go 30 (nearly picked it, 28c this week) but it seems it could be some time before we'll see them get near 30-40 as previously predicted (I'm hearing 5-6 months now)...."

    It seemed the rumours my mate from the west was hearing were SPOT ON. It's now 5-6 months on, and it's just STARTING to happen.

    Obviously the market's recent rise has started to factor-in more than just the one sign (always 'rumoured 4') and although there hasn't been any formal announcement for all FOUR signs for four times square in New York, it seems it's now a mere formality.

    Rod Sala's been in Europe since news came out re: the deal in NY - apparently he's been working his arse off there and NEXT WEEK he will be in NY. Although most punters are thinking NY, NY - DO NOT be surprised if there is an annoucement on a MULTI-sign deal for EUROPE, even before he hooks up with TOTIUS, DURST and Co in NY to put the Timesquare deal to bed.

    I'm hearing Sala's got some great news coming for all LUM holders. I've picking a figure of 60 cents soon, it may prove conservative, (I hope so!) but if my mate's right again, the timing, AUGUST 4 - will be spot on.

    Roll on good news...AND good luck to all holders.

    P.S. Check out my previous post re: the best rumour for the day and make your own enquiries....
    I'm hearing it's truer every day.

    NEW whispers are also suggesting MR NEW YORK himself, David Letterman, could get involved by getting the Lumasign to display his famous "TOP TEN" countdown..a kick arse effect for the king of latenight talkshows.

    Although Lumacom wouldn't earn $$ for this little stunt, the publicity alone from Letterman would have..ah, shall we say, a 'MEGA' effect. Pardon the pun! - Mick.
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