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lumacom european deals

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    Well rod should be in europe now and i have a sneaky suspicion he may be in talks with Mega in Europe so we may have some news coming on that front..will be in the US straight after that(another week or two) so Id be thinking there may be some announcements due over the next few weeks for more potentail deals.Neon sign industry is worth billions every year and i think has been growing at roughly 15% per much of that will Lumacom end up with is the big Q?

    Here is the website for totius who they have struck a deal with--

    This advertising opportunity offers what is arguably the world's single greatest location for branding. A corporation with all four signs will hold "iconic dominance" over the world's greatest skyline. In addition to being visible from the immediate Times Square "bow tie" and immediate streetscapes, the signs can also be seen from New Jersey, Long Island, downtown Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, and the surrounding waterways. Moreover, the signs will gain unrivaled exposure from the ubiquitous presence of Times Square and the New York skyline throughout world media: film, television, newscasts, postcards, art, sport, entertainment, New Year's Eve coverage, etc.

    This opportunity represents the most visible - and the highest value - outdoor advertising/brand site anywhere in the world.

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