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lumacom..dont you want to be rich??????

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    Well well well...this company maybe finally coming to fruition.
    I have kept a close eye on this co since its listing and have been suprised by how slow progress has been considering what a fantastic product they have,it seems they have just spent their time building the right contacts and business plan.
    I have not seen a company that is so easy to understand how profits can grow such as this stock and really think people are not quite open minded enough about the potential of this stock.
    It is not a stock to trade in my opinion,you buy and you hold and I say this for the following reasons.
    They have a product that is tried and tested with worldwide patents on the technology.
    To build a neon sign of the likes(such as those in massive cities) costs runs into tens of millions just for the sign and installation and then there are a lot of maintanaince costs aswell as costs incurred in running these signs.Now this company can build these signs at a fraction of the cost,that need a fraction of the maintanence and a fraction of the running costs.Its basically like you get a new car that does everything a regular car does and more but only needs 10% of the materials a regular car would cost and costs a fraction of the price a car would cost to run and maintain...why would you not want to buy this car.
    Now to look at the maths side of things...the 10c per share per sign the managing director placed on the stock was before the options were excercised and I also think before the co began its deal with multinationals such as the mega group.This has caused their margins to be reduced but has greatly increased exposure and thats why the deals are beginning to flow in.Anyway because of the above I think 6c per sign would be a reasonable figure.
    So lets see what we in the bank of 5c per and the new york deal=4x6c plus massive exposure (the worlds biggets ever neon sign covering 4 sides of one of the largest buildings in the worlds most famous city).This gives roughly 35c a share which in my opinion is a very conservative figure...if the figures in New York are correct for 50 million then thats another bonus.
    So far we have a conservative 35c...add on the 3 more signs today we get 53c already.
    Then if you just look at the delas from Europe only and say they get a 50% success rate thats another conservative 90c per share on top of the 53c valuation giving as around $1.40 a share.

    But....the best part is...this is only for Europe and not all of Europe either only those companies that are interested in the signs right now...who knows how many could come from Europe.
    Im sure many here have been to Hong Kong and tokyo...Asia loves these signs.
    They are just breaking into the American market now aswell....sheesh New York alone has mobs of these signs.
    I have researched the Neon sign market for these types of signs and come up with an annual market somewhere between 10 bill and 20 bill,this is bigger than the market for most of these biotechs people blabber on about,its biger than the market for almost all the stocks we trade and the beauty of it all is who can compete...nobody can get hold of the technology and be anywhere near competitive because they have wrapped up the world wide rights...bloody beautiful.
    Now the ceo owns a third of the shares so with him alone there arent all that many to trade.
    I really cant stress how cheap I think this company is right now but I dont think it should be looked at as a 10% or even put this baby in the bottom draw for a a year or 2 and then see what you have.
    The current deals arent even really priced into the stock little alone speculation from more deals coming to fruition...and Im not not talking of the 30 deals or the New York deal...Im talking the speculation of deals that come in later when word spreads.

    I own a bucket load of stock in this comany and will keep aquiring stock...I also have put my family into this stock aswell and anyone else that will listen.
    Get this though....I have even told them that whatever losses they incurr I will cover with family and with friends I will go halves in..that is how much faith I have in this companies product.

    Im sure many or you will construe this post as a ramp or cheap promotion ...think of it what you like...but all I ask is that those who cant afford to hold stock stay away...daytraders stay away, and manipluators stay away cause you'll just ruin a great story and I think you will live with the regret of I once held those shares at 80c and sold....what could have been.

    LUM holders unite and be strong...hold your stock!!!

    Life is good!!
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