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lum - classic comments for 2003

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    I posted here a few days back when LUM was much higher. At that point in time I said LUM can't be valued on fundamentals as it has none (of substance) i.e makes nooooooo money and pays no yield. Secondly, technically it looks like a goana's testicles (what ever that looks like).

    I appreciate that we all make mistakes but some people are in denial in a masssssssssssssive way.

    2003 Classic Comment - Down ramping:- I wonder if those making such comments have thought maybe the stock is over priced? just a thought.

    As per Australian Idol (Australia has spoken) - The market has spoken LUM is trending or spiralling downward fast.

    Just a thought - people posting maybe trying to guide others from making mistakes they once made!!!

    I wish you all the best with LUM - I think you will need it....

    Regards, THE SQUAWK
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