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lum 50 boards europe not usa ???

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    if the bellow post from ozestock is correct lum has indeed a big future
    i took the 50 boards as being for usa and eur
    but jjp says the 50 are only for europe
    i hold in anticipation

    regards gaga

    Posted by: Jjp Oct 12 2003 9:31:20:403AM
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    In this email, Mr Sala advised that the 50 signs were from Europe. I had considered that maybe at least a portion of the extra 20 recently advised, may have been from the States.

    If we are to get a real surprise from Lumacom soon, it could be confirmation of extra signs in the US, other than 4TS. LUM'S joint venture US partners...the Tortius Group formed a division called Tortius Media, specifically to rollout these large Lumacom LED signs.

    Tortius are a group of well connected high profile business/real estate professionals......they are after the big deals. Also from what we hear on the board, Mr Sala will base himself in the US, rather then in Europe. Hardly likely then the Lumacom/Tortius are working only on 4TS.

    This certainly is an exciting really do hold your breath every time its goes into pre-open.....what is next.

    You would think all that all advertisers would be keen to have their signs up before the XMAS season......although time is probably running out now for most of them.

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