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I'm glad to hear your opinion and glad you aren't denying what's...

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    I'm glad to hear your opinion and glad you aren't denying what's in-front of you, like some here have been.

    The best way to explain the breather on this one is via comparison to other stocks that we're in similar phases in the past. Its happened very quickly due to mass volume and a big buyer over the last week buying up all the sellers at a high VWAP, lots have taken profits already/freeholding= good for future SP, when news hits.

    History repeats itself when the fundamentals turn out to be real. The fundamentals on this are spectacular to say the least and should see it hit 400-800million MC THIS YEAR if we hit the estimates most are putting out there based off current results. That's my call.

    Will we go down after this when we're developing and if we have any delays etc.. Yes. That's normal when going into the next phase.

    We have 2 tenements we also have the option of selling one..

    If you compare the stage we are compared to AJM at 20c years ago and the news they had at that phase, then look at our potential + recent results, you'll see why I'm so bullish and think this has no hope of playing out the pattern you initially stated.. If we never got to the sp we are now. hovered at 7c for 2 weeks(major resistance) then went down to 6.5 or so on a selloff/gravestone doji type.. I'd probably have your opinion. It's miles off now though.

    Based off the latest larger pennant.. Next wave could go 14-16c, or higher if its crazy good news.

    Sorry for being on the high horse.. I'd just like more chartists being positive, when the chart is showing more positive signs than negative.. Especially when it's lining up perfectly with expected news.

    Our next results should hit thick high grade and most likely there will be several intercepts..

    We're pretty much playing poker here, but we've been shown the opponents hand already. I dunno about you, but I don;t lose when I'm shown someones cards.. I fold when I should and lose almost nothing in comparison to what i could win, or I play hard and go for it all and win it all, if they don;t fold early.

    The cards we've been shown are pocket kings by them (VERY good hand)... Guess what we have though?? 2 Aces up our sleeve...

    Yes the king's can still win.. Low probability though vs Aces.

    Due to how early I got in, my Aces have already beat the Kings... It's just how much of the pot I'm going to get at this point

    Good times ahead.

    Choo Choo!!!

    All IMO. DYOR.

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