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    Thought I would clear the air and get back into my books,

    Ah, you say, the books, here we go,

    A theorist, lol, nah a realist,

    Okay, first things first, disclaimer, Every thing is bullshit until it's proven it's not bullshit,

    The company knows what it is doing and I don't care about other peoples opinions, I do respect others opinions though,

    Anyway here goes,

    In my opinion, The market is just a matter of who is right and who is wrong, Its just a bullshit verses a ramper,

    Which one are you?

    Okay, I will use my book and some pictures to explain,

    Here goes, blah blah blah ,

    15572298329811960620913329416098.jpg 15572298854348572470338862806683.jpg

    In my opinion, today is a specific I don't know what to f,,,,,,,,,, do day,

    That means, in my opinion, the market was specifically undecided,

    The market didn't know what to do,

    I don't really care either way,

    I'm in for the prize, in for holding the trophy, in for glory, in for another SIR, FMG, HDR, EXT, etc,

    All the rest is bullshit, in my opinion,

    I've seen so many thumbs up on this stock for complete crap its not funny,

    Note to all potential holders and current holders, have some balls and man up,

    Stop playing little psychological games and pretending who's better just because of a button called a like button,

    Buy and hold, or sell and go, theres around 2000 other stocks to buy,

    This is a no brainer, in my opinion some of you guys have no brains,

    Enjoy the ride and make some money, let the company do the heavy lifting that's what they get paid for,

    I'm going to ride the sheet out this and make more than the director of the company does, and hes doing all the work ,

    Don't be bloody stupid guys, just buy, hold and fold when the time comes,

    Its that easy, there's no smoke and mirrors,

    Money talks, bullshit walks,

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