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Personally I think HC has employee accounts that are paid to...

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    Personally I think HC has employee accounts that are paid to create as much debate as possible on stocks that have movement. Every company that I follow have the same downrampers that appear when ever there's a jump or a drop. Otherwise eventually you'd run out of stuff to talk about and HC wouldn't get as much attention/members.
    I don't think anyone fits this description yet on LTR though, it's healthy to have positive and negative opinions here so I'm all for it. Just cut the arguing out, it's not a competition and penny dreadfuls are extremely unpredictable. So just don't go blindly following, but if you do you can't turn around and blame them for mentioning it.
    I don't really believe in charting for penny stocks. So all this arguing is just annoying TBH.
    All I wanna see is more stats from Anatol and maybe a few approaching dates of importance.
    My recommendations would be to buy as much as you can now or preferably with the next dip, hold it until production phase (2022) and then sell off 1/2-3/4s of your holdings. Keeping a small package to avoid fomo if the SP keeps rising.
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