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Lmao...So when you get something right(even when its the lower...

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    So when you get something right(even when its the lower probability option in my eyes).. I post and congratulate you and apologize for my arrogance..

    When I'm clearly correct and state it to be easily interpreted, you come here and claim variables that only exist after the fact... Big difference in our character us human being's right there.. I think that should say a lot in itself to anyone reading.

    I'll explain this to you clearly since you cannot interpret my words somehow....

    I said your option was viable. I then said I don't think it will happen due to the tight decreasing volume flag type pattern we have in play. I also stated that I think we will consolidate upward before news or potentially fly upwards at any moment due to the hype behind us... What happened?? BOTH of the thing;s I stated as possibilities happened in 1 day... Fairly correct I'd say.. Actually 100% correct.

    I'm not a DAYTRADER but I still got it correct over someone who obviously is one, H00ts broad wedge was also a very viable option and I haven't re-looked at it to see If it played out properly.. If it did, well done to him.

    Here are the guidelines for a high tight flag(one of the best patterns that exists in charting IMO).. This pattern was clearly represented on the chart... Not a time I'd be waiting to buy. It fitted EVERY criteria.

    High and Tight Flag Identification Guidelines

    1Price trendUpward leading to the flag. Price must rise at least 90% (shoot for a double) in 2 months or less.
    2ShapeA consolidation pattern forms after price doubles. It usually doesn't look like a flag or pennant, just a pause in the price rise.
    3VolumeRecedes for best performance
    4ConfirmationThe pattern confirms as valid when price closes above the highest peak in the pattern, which is usually the flagpole top.

    I said your option..The falling wedge down to 8.1 was 50/50 at best , that isnt agreeing with you mate.. It's saying yes your pattern is there, but no I dont think it will occur. We showed to much strength even on poor volume the days leading up... Therefor your chart was a low probability option comparative to other;s, even though it had good shape.

    If you cant comprehend my opinions and twist my words to your own agenda sure.. You'll think your right all the time mate.

    Unfortunately for you.. You're not.

    Your lack of admittance in defeat(poor play honestly) also makes it very hard to even want to bother playing this game with you/whatever you think it is. You literally can't even admit when you're actually wrong without coming up with a bullshit spiel saying ohh wave E doesn't always happen anyway.. Oh well!! That isnt how you portrayed it when you showed everyone it at all. Unreal

    If you can;t comprehend my words, I highly suggest not even commenting about my posts... Makes it rather pointless when you can;t even understand what I'm saying to you.

    All IMO. DYOR.

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