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lt memory loss

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    One of the unfortunate side effects of HC is the reduction of time to a daily basis,sp stays stagnant for a week the world is caving in,a month, we are all going to take a drubbing on this one.

    I have seen this all before,albeit without the internet having our attention spans reduced to that of a gnat.

    Like two sides of a coin.Now ,all good news is ignored,bad news is magnified.18 months ago, bad news ignored ,good news was magnified.
    Having been around watching the market for the last 35 years,though not investing till recently,all stock market crashes, at the time,people said the same thing.

    1.this is unlike anything that has happened before
    2.this is the big one,the next great depression
    3.there is no end in sight,this will go on for a long long time.
    The fact is ,NO ONE REALLY KNOWS,how deep or how long it will be.

    Fear and panic rule,the market is NOT always efficient.
    We are in the doldrums at the moment,looks like the final stages of capitulation,lots of speculation,very little fact.

    The question i ask myself is why would someone who does not own any stock,come on a forum,where the sp is so low that it is silly too sell ,and pontificate about why this company is maybe/could be/might go to the wall,and you better get out?

    Either day traders down ramping ,OR, because they have been in this situation before,and lost badly,and wish to see the discomfort in others,that they themselves experienced,quite cowardly really,and they always leave the signature that they are doing it in your best interest,to keep you better informed,when really it is speculation to unnerve you,they enjoy it,as it relieves the tension from their own folly.

    I am now starting to put them on ignore, once a pattern is established.

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