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Good morning @EDTD - thank you again for the kind words. Yes, I...

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    Good morning @EDTD - thank you again for the kind words. Yes, I have been here for 5 years now as a believer, as a long term holder and also trading the swings. In answer of your question around the "tells' of pro trading ETC, yes - it is a combination of volume, of anticipation (further news), of trading activity within the daily trades / swings, of bot activity ETC, ETC. Will try and explain below a little of my own interpretation into our recent move;

    What I have seen in recent times (up until most recent announcements), was a chart that ran sideways for quite some time. .007 to .010.There was news around for many months prior that GXY were selling down....minimal volume at that time = accumulation, soaking the GXY shares. There was also expectation around the 31st December being the LOi expiry date for BASF - so buyers were anticipating. Perhaps even some of the larger broking houses with their long tentacles having an amazing ability to gain information - have heard some whispers on whom the 9 discussion partners may be ?

    Once the Ann dropped on 4/1, it provided a liquidity event for GXY to exit and some majors bought in hard - to come into our registry as witnessed by the Top 20 shareholder announcement on 6/1. Between these two days - close to 1.5b shares traded hands - massive by all accounts. Some retail buying, sure - but mostly pro on that volume and that value. The T20 announcement was met with a sell down - an obvious shake out to release the day/short term traders of their shares (from the prior two days entry) and that continued for close to 4 days - the healthy retrace as we see it on the charts. Yesterdays trade was text book pull back on low volume - 20m shares or so sell down to 1.6m, then BANG - massive buying of over 100m shares (ave circa $1.8m) clearing lines and pushing the price from 1.6c to 2c within 20 minutes from closing bell. Again, that is pro money on that volume and that value, all within a 20 minute period before close.

    The trading "tells" show to me personally, that we are going much higher. Not a ramp - just my personal opinion. I sense this to be the case as we have some stronger holders that have entered the register, plus for the first time in the history of LPD, the TA is coinciding with potentially huge fundamental company making announcements (FA). Watershed moments like these, potentially re rate a company. As referenced earlier in the week - a less advanced company in SYA has appreciated massively this week on news that in my opinion again, will pale in significance as to what our board will achieve in our own off take outcomes. It has been a great trade. The moral of the story being - the market is well awake to Green companies, EV, Li companies at the moment. I believe our move will be stronger.

    News must be close again and could be the news we have been waiting for ??......although, I personally would be happy at this stage with another licensing agreement/payment Ann. Let the discussions with the 9 majors take their time allowing the board of LPD to secure the best deal for holders/the company.

    @Welsho54 ..... won't know re; Pershing until broker data becomes available next week as it is three days delayed. I wouldn't be surprised to see some of the larger Aussie brokerages being NET buyers in recent times. And if so, they generally like at least 2 to 3 bags on their money at this level.

    @ProCapitalism ....I look forward to our weekly chat tomorrow. At this stage, the 2c to 2.1c resistance looks on the cards to be broken as I theorised last week....hopefully holds above. And the 1.6c line has been supported heavily twice this week which you suggested may be broken, needs to hold above. Still waiting for one, just one, of your calls to be correct about LPD

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