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It's quite an interesting thought isn't it @ianwill...

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    It's quite an interesting thought isn't it @ianwill ....arguably, we could suggest that the company has never been closer to materialising their pathway, certainly much more closer now than years prior. I understand how you are feeling.

    However, if we were to use the past as a guide, it has historically been at times like these that has proven financially rewarding. Over time, when the price was sliding and then moving sideways - great opportunities arose. I have always been a Long on LPD, whilst at the same time trading the swings. We have seen the following;

    March 2016 - .005c to .027c = X5 run
    Oct 2017 - .010c to .082c = X10 run
    2018 - year in decline.....
    Feb 2019 - .011c to .042c = x4 run
    Present / Feb 2020 - basing strongly at .012c to .013c...

    Now I certainly wasn't a genius and bought into a trading hold at each of these lows, selling at each of those highs. But I did get in on all three of those strong momentum moves and have been extremely fortunate to appreciate fantastic capital returns from taking advantage of the opportunities that the market presents to us. I feel right now - another opportunity is presenting to the market - with LPD.

    Strong chance for another great move within the first half of this year; why ?

    1) DFS due
    2) Caesium / Rubidium results due
    3) Further Hydroxide info to come and off take test-work discussions ongoing
    4) BASF Loi further developing
    5) Maybe something more on the Gold ?
    6) Read the trade, who has taken on the selling ETC. Indicators are in....

    My thoughts only....

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