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    @Sharpey ....
    You are a machine - perhaps your background lies in metallurgy ? The quality of your posts are inspiring.

    You ask - "Maybe you know this? I tried to find it in GXY announcements, but they do like to keep their cards close to their chest."
    GXY do indeed - renowned for it to the extent where it has become a bone of content for their very own holders. Cloak and Dagger approach oozes humility in my mind, particularly comforting considering we live in a world which features constant chest beating - I admire the "we will advise when we are there" approach. Under promise, over deliver management on both sides of this collaboration.

    You say, quote verbatim from a past LPD Ann - "Optimisation testwork specific to Mt Cattlin is being evaluated to maximise lithium and by-product extractions, while minimising acid and power consumption."
    LPD, perhaps may not have the same slight of tongue in their market correspondence, however the underlined section of this statement exposes the kitten out of her hiding spot IMO.

    You ask - Do I think this is simply a marketing strategy?
    "If the tests go well, at some point I think we will hear there is a joint feasibility study being done about putting a cPlant at Mt Cattlin. I think that is more likely than GXY making the modifications themselves. There has to be a feasibility study to make sure its the right thing to do. If it is, and an offtake agreement is signed between the two, then Mt Cattlin suddenly gets a bump to its reserves and LPD have a new source of feed."
    Come the expiration of the L-Max licence in 2020 to you know whom - the process of implementing this very strategy you state is a given IMO - I believe strongly, that part of GXY's $12m PLUS investment (all marketing strategy gimmick jokes aside) was centred around partnering into a tech / associate company that produces revenue based options from previous cost incurring waste tailings. The pre-cursor to this association started well back when SM joined forces with PLP - gaining an agreement to earn in on a nice tenement in James Bay as part of the deal.....funnily enough, adjacent to GXY's James Bay hold.

    Clever cookie - I sense @Thesi ..... this is not of news to you . I thank you for bringing a little bit of non hype based Q & A back into the forum.
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