lowy looks for a soccer cleanskin

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    Our soccer correspondent Harry Viduka reports from Geneva:

    Frank Lowy and his high powered team will today begin to understand what George Dubya, Don Rumsfeld and his merry band of neo-cons felt like after the fall of Baghdad. OK, winning the soccer war was a bit tougher than the war for Iraq, but now the real battles begin.

    To continue the analogy, like Dubya, Lowy will find that those pesky French are trying to spoil his celebrations.

    Check out Matthew Hall's piece in the Sun Herald at the weekend which shows that the French Soccer Federation are about to take legal action to recover a $400,000 plus bill from their visit to Australia
    almost two years ag http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2003/07/19/1058545633035.html

    The organiser of that game was Dominic Gelati's International Entertainment Corporation. No wonder Gelati finally agreed to give up his board position at the weekend. Lowy's people will be looking very
    closely at any deals done with IEC in the few months that the discredited four member board was in charge of Soccer Australia without any proper scrutiny.

    In particular Lowy will want to know whether IEC has been given the rights to any future Socceroo games, as has been hinted darkly over the past few weeks.

    Lowy and his team have made no secret of the fact that they want IEC out of the picture, but that's going to cost a whole heap of money - and with the kitty certainly bare and perhaps deeply in debt, it's
    the jolly taxpayer who will have to pay Gelati's exhorbitant bill.

    Of course it might end up in a messy legal battle, in which case the taxpayer would probably have to fund the lawyers!

    The search is now on for a professional executive team to run the game; lots of names are floating around but one thing is for certain, whoever ends up as Chief Executive will have no previous connection with the game in this country.

    Lowy wants a cleanskin who has no outstanding debts to Australia's various soccer warlords.

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