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low enough for a punt

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    Over the last few months the price has gone down.At its peak the market cap was 444million and down today to 11.43 million. After talking to suppliers there is a need to support Clive Peeters at this stage as it has some big stores out there. The banks have financed them and although the outlook in retail in general is bad their own optimisim is good. Therefore at a price of 9 cents i have started buying. Slowly slowly as at this price it is easy to make the price jump .My goal is to have enough shares that if they did go back to $1 they would buy me a house ,If they ever went back to $ 3.50 (I dont Think So) they would buy me 3 houses. It is very hard to judge the bottom and i am personally only putting in spare money that i can afford to lose . Sentiment --- I hate the owners-- If i can make money from them i will.
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