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Lost temper with Management

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    Hi All.

    Just sent another email to SDL.
    Sundance Resources Management.
    Just what I was talking about yesterday.Hearing News from Mining Indaba and Not from Sundance Resources Management. When is this going to stop?
    I was given a hint about 3 or 4 weeks ago about what was sppoken about by Giulio.
    Financial Partners have asked SDL to wait until the Iron Ore Price settles and starts to go up again, then contact them again about Funding.

    From Indaba. Financial Partners that we had found became cautious and asked us to wait" laments the Australian Giulio Caselo the owner of Sundance,which is developing the project Mbalam. Originally, A$3.5 billion,will be carried forward after 2016.
    This is disgusting that we have to read this on HotCopper from one of the SDL Forum Share Holders.
    So Not now Mid-2015, but some time in 2016.
    Who the Hell is suppose to be running this company?

    Why are Management being paid So Much to deliver these pitiful results, that are promised.
    I keep asking the Management to give realistic dates for results, not keep giving dates that are Never kept.

    Is it not bad enough to be caught out by a Chinese Mafia Leader for nearly Two Years. Where was The Due Diligence?

    Are Management that inapt that their only way to get Conventions was to go with a Chinese Mafia Leader, rather than find a better contact from the So called large list of Chinese Contacts that Management & Directors were Suppose to have?

    Come on Wal, you need to get the house in order, quick smart.
    Enough is enough, we Share Holders want action "now" have had enough of this inadequacy from Top Management.

    Michael Westcott
    Home Phone.
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