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    News from the US must be galling for long-time supporters of Pinnacle - lost opportunity as a result of past corporate games.


    CASTLE VALLEY, Utah, Mar 25 - Utah Power has held a ribbon cutting ceremony to launch a local pilot project implementing a VRB energy storage system which it says is the first-of-its-kind in the United States.

    Known as the Castle Valley VRB Project, Utah Power which is part of PacifiCorp group is in the final stages of placing the facility into service with the aim of enhancing electrical service to its customers in the area.

    Utah Power says the project will allow Utah Power to store electrical energy in a special battery system during off-peak times and distribute the stored energy during high-peak times of the day to a remote area on its distribution system.

    The project was constructed for Utah Power by VRB Power Systems, Inc. of Vancouver, British Columbia which controls the patent on the Australian developed Vanadium Redox Battery Energy Storage System.

    Explaining the process, Utah Power says that by using two tanks filled with liquid electrolyte containing vanadium sulfates and a flow cell between the two tanks, a chemical reaction within the cell forces electrons to move across the electrodes. During the late-night and early-morning hours when demand for electricity is low, the battery is charged by moving electrons through the cell and storing the resulting energy in chemical bonds in the vanadium-based electrolyte.

    This chemical reaction is fully reversible, allowing energy to be both stored and delivered. During the daytime, peak hours the battery will discharge as the electrons flow out of the battery and onto the electrical system. This combined system is designed to provide 250 kilowatts of electricity during peak demand, or enough to supply approximately 50 homes.
    The process is self-contained and fully automated within Utah Power's building at the site, and the system is fully monitored with control capability at Utah Power's Dispatch Center.

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