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Lost money

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    we have all lost money from the stock market ... This is life - anyone who has said he/she has not made a lost ... gets the god award.

    The question

    Are you going to be so blind and keep on pretending - Like some people on here.

    Or Man/Woman up ! Understand investing is life time thing and this is only a setback. I have learnt what not to do and going to make a profit in my long term goal (say over a year).

    My point you guys .... Risk vs reward, dont give up , keep on investing and posting facts , points of view no matter how crazy ! This is all about learning and not being to stubborn that you are blind .... Also dont follow the blind man. Make your own choices. Easy to follow the crowd and blame it on someone else then just go out on your own as this mean you only have your self to blame (Scary - but it also means you learn and do things better next time).

    Hint - dont give up on SDL just yet ... there is slight .. very slight hope. Winks
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