lost job looking full time share trading

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    In the last 30 years of share investing i have never worried about money or been too careful on how I spend it.
    With work and investing I have more or less been care free.

    On Friday I lost my job and now with nothing in the pipe work, I am looking at something I always would of like to do, trade shares full time.

    I am willing to give it a go instead of looking for full time employment. I understand that the pressure will be on to generate an income stream that will match a weekly wage.

    Is there anyone out there that has successfully made the transition?

    And how much time do you spend researching and trading each day?

    What cash balance was required to make the decision to trade full time?

    So really looking at comments of a full time trader.

    I am not an inexperience share investor so I know some of the risks.

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