AZC 0.00% 2.7¢ australian zircon nl

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    well, kiddies.
    I've been sitting back for two weeks in a holding pattern reading all this drivel for the last hour.

    I have no idea where Roger Ramjet gets his 20 cents from. I suspect his aim over the porcelain is a bit off at the moment. Must admit though that he is correct on the $1000 ceiling.

    Australian zircon run a much leaner show than ILU who have spent the last 5 years cutting down overheads which has unfortunately included making a large proportion of their experienced technical staff redundant. They now have a very large contingent of young boys running things. Thier golden hope is all about Douglas and the two smaller projects to the north. Douglas has a sexy core but fizzles out pretty quickly.

    They may have a solids deposit in the Eucla but unfortunately its in the Eucla. Need I say more. Big bucks and infrastructure to get it up and running. I can't see that happening inside the next 5 years.

    Zircon out of Kalimantan is produced simply as a byproduct of artisanal alluvial gold mining. Its production is erratic at best. All gold mining ocurrs illegally and as such any government pressure to control illegal gold mining will have a direct impact on zircon production.

    AZC will go into production. Its run lean and tight and I suspect will be on budget. It will go to 50-60 cents no problem. Their WIM150 deposit is a very large resource that was drilled out extensively by CRA in the late eighties but unfortunately CRA was looking for ilmenite and ignored one of the worlds largets single zircon resources. I'm in for the long haul kiddies. Astron have the Donald (WIM250) deposit 50km north of AZCs WIM150 and its well advanced in the feasibilty.

    One of you was asking about other minsands plays. You overlloked one of the sexiest new one around. MSN.
    Its exploration manager is the one who discovered the AZC Mindarie deposits and cut his teeth in the WIM150 area.

    Old chinese proverb - look to the past to see the future

    bye bye kiddies , time for bed now

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