losing one of our own .....

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    From: "yogi
    Date: Sun Apr 27, 2003 9:22 pm
    Subject: Losing one of our own .....

    Here's a sad note from Bernie Tynas,
    organiser of our (formerly Egoli)
    Breakfast Group for Perth traders .....


    "Just to start up this weeks update with a note of
    sympathy to the family of one of our members - a man
    with a broad scottish accent, who loved his mining
    shares (particularly gold stocks).

    His name was Graham Murray and he was indeed a
    wonderful character at our Egoli breakfasts. It had been
    a while since he had attended a breakfast and he wrote
    to me last Monday to say he was finally out of hospital.

    Unfortunately Graham died last Wednesday and he will
    beremembered by some of us "oldtimers" as a true share
    trading character!

    RIP Graham... I'm sure he's still trading!"


    yogi adds:

    Graham will be sorely missed, as a trader, a seaman and
    all-round good guy ... i was lucky enough to work with
    him offshore, along with other members of several
    traders' groups, who worked with him, too.

    No doubt, he is still at the helm today, with his own
    distinct brand of humour, on a voyage through
    paradise .....

    My sincerest sympathy to Graham's family and friends.

    may your God bless you all



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