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    Smuggler has called for more LOOK, SEARCH related research here and less fatuous ,non-fact oriented posts.
    I understand that call, but regrettably I do not have the time to further this..when I next get some time...I would like to explore MSFT's latest position on the impotance of search.
    Up to this point the following appear to be facts:
    (1) MSFT oringinally did not see the POTENTIAL in search like they did not originally twig to the INTERNET
    (2)When MSFT twigged to SEARCH, they left in the hands of third parties...INKT and OVER ( despite having said they were goinmg to go it alone
    (3) OVER and LOOK with INKT backfill have provided MSFT with their search results based on MSN search V1
    (4) MSFT now realise the potential of search especially commercial search...analysists say the potential is something 7B US
    (5) They want design their own 'algorithmic' seach, which they have always done. It is currently V3. The full flowering of this will take time. They realise the problem of keeping with the exponential growth of website listing all round the world and the multitude of languages. JK talked at length about the problem of size in the Q1 CC. And on top of this the problem of website change and multimedia in the Websites
    (6) MSFT have recently signed a PFP agreement with OVER and post the Yahoo takeover have announced that that agreement stands still.
    (7) LOOK and MSFT are in discussions in relation to the LOOK-MSN 5 year old agreement.
    There is a lot of speculation about its outcome in posts here. Depending on your status..a basher sees MSFT ditching LOOK, a LOOKIAN sees the deal being renewed and extended.
    However the analysts that cover LOOK like SAFA sees the deal being at least renewed.
    My view is very much influenced by Q2 CC. When JK spoke about MSFT-LOOK he seemed very upbeat
    (8) LOOK has just 1B paid introductions....surely a phenomenal achievement
    (9) LOOK is updating its search technology all the time and the LYCOS deal is confirmation that its relevance is world class.
    (10) There has beem massive volume in LOOK trading over the past month...one day 25M (a quarter of the shares) and this is in a rising SP
    (11) I am LOOK long and all facts that I am able to ascertain point me to buy more and more at these prices
    GOOD luck LOOK longs.
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