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looksmart fattening up for murdoch

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    Murdoch Purchase Speculation + Other Big Buy Rumors

    Battelle quotes some speculation on who Murdoch's looking at:

    Rumors are circulating it's Looksmart, the stock is up on them. Mamma.com has also been rumored, but had a bad quarterly report today and is stock is not up....

    Alan Meckler says "I would guess InfoSpace could make sense, but also wonder if CNET (while not Search) would not be a good fit for News Corp?"

    To stir up the pot a little SearchViews has word of a Mamma and InfoSpace distribution deal.

    And finally there's the big time rumor of a "large search engine" buying Technorati. From BL:

    Here's a tip I was given this morning from a venture capitalist who is "heavily invested" in the blogosphere: Technorati is about to be sold to a large search engine company.

    BL thinks it's Yahoo who's going to make the buy. If there is a buy.

    I say it's LookSmart fattening up for Murdoch ;)

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    LOL !!

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