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looks ugly

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    what charts fail to take into account are intra day developments, like say death of a director, 9-11, oppies , death of hamas leaders, rumours good/bad,
    thats why chartist are often ignored. A chart is a pattern, but chartism although a science to a degree only follows patterns on a graph. ie leg hits gold. Chartist cant predict that. With Blue hips charts are of great use and with specs they are less use. Fisrt thing I always do b4 i buy is look at the chart if it look sh1t then i dont buy, but I am talking about looking at ones like lums chart. When AUZ look like lum then hell I'm not even watching.
    Auz -factors are masssive move up in revs at a time when a massive amount of stock is to be released, result stalemate until dilution is resolved, is move in revs enough to overpower dilution --in my book yes.

    bon soir
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