LOK looksmart limited

look's haters..eat your hearts out guys...

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    I hate to say this but, ha.. Eat your hearts out and lick your wounds.. Looksmart's haters... and please do stay out of ERG as well as it is not for you also...

    I will sell 1/2 will healthy profit and keep 1/2 to sell it to AOL or even Yahoo for that matter.. It proves that being a nationalistic fool do pay off :)

    Don't care if the remain shares value go down to the drain because I just like to put my money where my heart is.

    For Looksmart supporters.. Please do trade when opportunity to take profit is arise and invest your profit back to support LOK. I am not asking you to put put all your saving into it and please never do so until a clear sign of taking over is in placed.


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