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looking strong in a jittery market, page-14

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    Here here,
    His charts have been A1 - so many chartists on HC but I have seen no one as accurate as Orgone's. Plus what I realy admired was how he posted so often the day of the fallen - warning people of potential dangers of not seeling if it hit certain levels, - or selling/panicking too early if it did not hit thsoe levesl.

    No ramping or down ramping from him - just a guy who likes to make money for himself and help others at it too. It is what HC is all about.

    I see a 70 open today and all the way to 73/74. The real whossshhhhhhhh might be not so far away!

    Good luck to all but still be careful as I also agree with orgone that this Alders seems one dodgy dude!

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