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looking objectively!

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    If we look at OSH on a purely objective level, it has to be relatively cheap based on fundamentals.

    The downside has to be factored, as the market is very efficient and the pipeline has been doubted. This considered it is still likely to fall given the announcement.

    What is the likelihood of someone coming on board this month?

    Irrespective going forward, if forecasts have been conservative and with a buyback, it should help keep the price steady - will a potential buyer seek the opportunity to take it over.

    I personally have loaded up on OSH in the faint hope that the pipeline will go ahead or the company will get taken over - hopefully this will take place while the rest of the market sh*ts itself and then with everything I own invest in some good growth companies that will prosper once the good times come. In effect the doubling up method used in casino's - the is to negate my losses I have sustained in the market over the last x years.

    Come on OSH - come on home for daddy and make us proud - I struck lucky years ago with Cultus when that was taken over - similar fundamentals.

    In a time when the companies are struggling for growth and the market recognises little, surely consolidation at the right price is the way to go.

    Yours thoughts appreciated

    Mike Salad
    Gay Warrior!
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Currently unlisted public company.

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