AVM 0.00% $7.45 anvil mining limited

looking good!

  1. NT
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    Last trade at 52 cents.

    Has moved from low 30's cents share to low 50's cents a share since the beginning of July.
    A nice profit for those Hocoppians who took notice of posts on Anvil when the share price was in the 30's!

    Have suggested institutions have spoken-----
    "--- buy below 50 cents -- or ---- we value AVM based on past earnings at 48 cents."

    Private investors are the likely buyers who are pushing price above that -- on low turnover.
    Institutions have gobbled up anything around 48 cents or below.

    The next real surge - without any strong announcement/s - is likely to be mid October as institutions get a feel for third quarter profits and re-rate ahead of quarterly report due late that month.

    Without a large "unload" there appears a dearth of sellers below 70 cents.
    Obviously the usual dribble and some profit taking will intrude.

    Am not into TA but have noticed a certain symetry develops in many charts.
    Which leads to the suggestion that Anvil share price might rise in a steady manner to over 75 cents in the next three months --- to coincide with the previous high in mid January this year.
    Would leave the chart nicely balanced.
    No flack on this please as am not into TA at all.

    Another interesting possibility is that previous high was early this year.
    Am still suggesting a possible $1.00 share price at that period next year.

    The positives?----

    * Surge in profits at Dikulushi.

    * Commencement of mining at Kulumaziba. Perhaps early to mid fourth quarter.

    *Completion of analysing exploration drilling results once contractor has completed essays and reporting results to market.
    Hopefully indicating large long life mine/s to be developed.

    Those looking for profits should not hesitate to accumulate Anvil NOW!

    That is how I see it anyhow!



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