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    i have a small holding in lumacom. i have trouble (i cannot log in) with my internet broker , and i did not sell, when i wanted to - a few weeks back. since then the shares have done well, and as i write, they are 19.5c. i had been hoping to get out at about 7c.. the options have gone from about 1c, to the present 5c.

    the story looked good to me, when i bought in, but after one year, i was thinking about selling. i live in perth, and from what i could see of their product, it looked good. it seemed however, that not too many other businesses were interested in buying the signs. their last report, was very promising, insofar as they had sold one sign, and a partner was lending the money to manufacture the sign. i hope that this is the start of more sales, because if it is, then there is a huge market out there.

    i only bought a modest amount, because it was a punt, but i hoped that the shares could be worth a lot. a modest amount of speculation in the portfolio is good strategy. maybe this punt will be rewarded. other speculative punts that i have taken, have failed
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Currently unlisted public company.

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