"looking for the next runner"

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    As I long term holder of several small speccy companies it is often hard to pick the next runner.

    Sometimes they run because of neglect by investors of some basic fundementals.

    One such stock is Carpenter Pacific CPC, it had a run on Gold some 3 years ago that to it to the equivelent of $4.50 on todays issued capital.

    It has since sold all its gold interest and become a oil player in MATURE projects--not much spec here.

    Ehat has been overlooked is that it has about 50c cash/share with only 30 mill shares on issue.

    Over the past 3 months there has been steady accumulation between 32-4 c- a break of 35 will signal the time for a major advance.

    The major shareholder is one Danny Hill well known for his ability to move a stock given the right circumstances...by the way it ows him about $1.50/share.....

    Its worth a small position
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