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looking for opinion on roy

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    I hold FWL and AGO, and I was wondering what people think of ROY.

    They have a pretty small cap, and they are sitting on some DSO in a joint venture with GBG in the midwest. Its not a lot of ore at this stage, but it will probably start 3rd quarter next year which is a nice attention getter.

    besides that they have an early days tennement won by ballot in the pilbara, and they are in another uranium JV with an american partner.

    Citigroup recently bought 5%

    I reckon if the iron ore and/or uranium attracts the sort of attention that other companies have received recently, this company could go for a run over the next couple of months.

    Wouldnt mind a few others having a look at it and giving their thoughts - no use asking the ROY forum, obviously they all think its terrific and the next FMG, etc, etc...
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