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looking after the insiders

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    Smuggler has gone unless he pops under a new nic but that’s easy to detect and threatening HC Mods and HC Admin will mean they will be on the lookout if he trys to come back.

    Either way....back to the Company….Quiktrak.

    So QTK is in a trading halt.

    I put down 2 possibilities....anyone got any other ideas of what may be going on?

    I can only assume it something in favour of "those in the know" being able to better their financial position and attempt to wind the market up again and get us all excited that maybe......just maybe....QTK has cracked it this time.

    Its times like this we all need to remember everything to date......the ASIC fraud investigation, the constant running out of money and inability to repay debts, the constant failure of every project taken on...$1 billion potential revenue in China just swept under the carpet.

    Does everyone remember that part of the China deal was that 100,000 transponders were bought under contract as a minimum..not to the chinese...to someone else.

    Where is this revenue. Quiktrak does not even bother to mention these previously hyped up announcements that probably at the time probably gave a good rise and those in the know made more money while those unsuspecting lost again.

    Quiktrak has been a constant stream of "those in the know" making money and those "not in the know" have been stung.

    So now those in the know are positioned again.

    I already know of a few of the old QTK ramp team who thought to have sold but have bought recently in regard to Wednesdays announcement.

    This is insider knowledge...but as we know....the quiktrak situation seems to have sown this style of business.

    Expect something on Wednesday.

    Expect this. Quiktrak will have some project that going to make some amount of potential millions in some country outside australia...linked to some well known companies.
    Dont expect real and actual money...just potential...like say ...umm.....$1 billion worth of work in China.

    Expect some hype on forums including hotcopper.

    Expect the share to have bigger than normal buy orders in the queue.

    Expect that although the buy orders will appear...there will still be some unusual selling or unloading of shares.

    These games will be played. This is Quiktrak. The company we already know very well to have a history of looking after the insiders.
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